Coque pacyer samsung s7 Recognizer using-coque samsung galaxy s7 edge portefeuille-xeckap

Recognizer coque 3d samsung a5 2015 using

Step 5 coque samsung s8 ideal of sweden Initialize coque huawei p8 Tap Gesture Code

First gesture recognizer is coque luxe samsung s10 Tap Gesture for which a coque samsung s8 plys method named initializeGestureRecognizer() is used and for Tap Gesture write coque pour galaxy s7 samsung the below coque s7 samsung silicone coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se citation given code:

Here, coque anneau samsung s7 edge tapGesture variable coque samsung s8 plus real madrid is coque integrale samsung s8 plus made with type UITapGestureRecognizer and give its target to self. Action selector method name coque samsung s10 spigen recognizeTapGesture is coque pacyer samsung s7 used to handle coque verre trempe a5 2017 samsung tap and coque huawei mate perform some actions on view or any functionality made in app.

In recognizeTapGesture() method write coque complete magnetique samsung s9 the coque samsung s6 code as given below:

var colorRed: CGFloat = CGFloat(rand()) / CGFloat(RAND_MAX)var colorBlue: CGFloat = CGFloat(rand()) / coque winnie samsung s9 CGFloat(RAND_MAX)

Here, in function recognizeTapGesture code is used to change the view background color which coque samsung s7 edge musique you have set on the tap gesture recognition. You can apply your own logic for this method. You can check this gesture by simply clicking on coque samsung s8 metal that view.

Step 6 Initialize LongPressedGesture Code

Second gesture recoginzer is LongPressedGesture for coque autres galaxy samsung which the same method is used initializeGestureRecognizer().

After TapGesture code write the below code for LongPressedGesture:

Here, longPressedGesture variable is made with type UILongPressGestureRecognizer and give its target to self. Action Selector method name recognizeLongPressedGesture is used to handle long press and perform some actions on view or any functionality made in the app…